Crisp hair strokes creating a full, natural, & gorgeous finish.

A faded front and a crisp tail resembling the look of makeup.

A combination of hair strokes and shading.

  • Natural results

  • Not suitable for all skin types

  • Not a good for coverups/corrections

  • Typically requires more touch-ups

  • Can be dramatic or natural

  • Good for all skin types including oily skin

  • Good for coverups

  • Less touch-ups needed

  • Less scarring

  • Mix of hair strokes and shading

  • Natural finish with an extra fluff!


Consultation is done the day of your appointment. You will have to sign a consent and medical history form, then we will walk you through aftercare instructions. Brow designs are initially drawn with pencil so that clients can get an idea of the shape and form of the tattoo. It’s important to remember that a perfectly symmetrical face is impossible, we are all perfectly imperfect. Please keep that in mind and try to remain realistic with your expectations as no eyebrows are exactly identical. Once we have agreed on a final shape, we’ll begin!


Both the pre-care and aftercare of your procedure are vital for the long term success, effectiveness, health, and overall satisfaction of your new cosmetic tattoo. Read our pre-appointment instructions here. You will also receive an email following your appointment with aftercare instructions along with information on the healing process.


Touching up your brows once a year is recommended in order to maintain initial results.


If your brows have previously been done by a different artist, you will have to book a full brow service. Touch up appointments are offered only to clients with work previously done by us. It is required that anybody with previous work done by another artist send us pictures (full face front view & profile) via text 408-202-5369 or email prior to booking an appointment. Booking an appointment without disclosing previous cosmetic tattoo work will result in a forfeiture of your deposit and your appointment will be cancelled.


Nano lines (or hair strokes) created by machine. This procedure is less invasive and lasts longer than microblading. Suitable for clients with a good amount of natural brow hair. 

3 Hours


Giving you that gorgeous powdery finish, this service is best for those looking to fill in, shape, and enhance their brows. This advanced technique creates an ombré effect for your brows that looks soft and natural.

3 Hours

Ombré Powder Brows

We require that anyone who has had their brows previously tattooed by another artist to send us pictures (full face, front view, and side view) via text 

at 408-202-5369 prior to booking a coverup/correction appointment.

3.5 Hours



Pre-Care Brow Instructions

• DO NOT take any aspirin, painkillers, or any other medications that has the effect to thin blood ONE WEEK before the scheduled appointment. • NO ACCUTANE FOR A YEAR PRIOR TO THE APPOINTMENT. • No Retin-A or Retinol products a week before the scheduled appointment. • If you've had any cosmetic surgical procedures done on the face area, please wait TWO MONTHS to fully heal prior to the eyebrow tattoo procedure. • Do not consume any alcohol beverages 24 HOURS before the scheduled appointment. This will prevent any excess bleeding, oozing, and minimizes swelling during the procedure. • If there are any open wounds, pimples, bruises, or any other skin irritations on the area; please wait for them to be completely healed before attending the scheduled appointment. Please contact immediately if rescheduling is necessary due to this matter. • Do not wax or thread your eyebrows 3 days before your procedure. • No facials or chemical peels a week prior to the scheduled appointment. • If there are any exfoliation products at home, please use on the brow area a week prior to the appointment for the skin to take in the pigment(s) easily during the procedure.

Aftercare Brow Instructions

• Apply a thin layer of your favorite antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly with clean cotton swabs every time. Gently apply when area begins to feel tight and dry. Only apply when is needed. • Always use a clean cotton swab. DO NOT use your finger tips! Do not touch the procedure site with your fingers! Your fingers may have bacteria on them, which may create an infection. • Do not scratch or pick at the tattoo during the healing process. Do not rub against or traumatize the area when it is healing. If you do so, the pigment may be removed along with the crusting tissues. • Restrictions of physical activities such as bathing, recreational water activities, gardening or contact with animals UNTIL the area is completely healed. • NO salt water, sunlight, chlorine, makeup, eyebrow tinting, eyelash extensions, sauna, excessive sweating, soap, exfoliating products, whitening/brightening products on the procedure site UNTIL the tattoo is completely healed. • Sleep elevated on your back during the healing process. • You may shower and wash other parts of your face and body AS LONG as the water is not directly hitting the procedure site. • If you have excessive redness, swelling/tenderness or any red streaks going from the procedure site toward the heart, elevated temperature or purulent drainage from the procedure site, CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN as the area may be infected. • If you are experiencing any itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-procedure, STOP using the aftercare product and CONTACT YOUR ARTIST immediately! You may be allergic to the aftercare product! • When the area is half way done scabbing, you may allow water to directly hit the area. However, please still avoid rubbing against the procedure site until all scabs have fallen off completely and naturally. • Healed results will vary per person depending on: skin, blood type, existing hair, bone structure, face shape, the amount of times the area had been worked on, lifestyle, medications and aftercare. HEALING PROCESS: 7-20 DAYS VARIES PER PERSON. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN PIGMENT COLOR LOSS. ANNUAL RETOUCHES ARE RECOMMENDED TO MAINTAIN COLOR'S INTEGRITY.

What To Expect Immediately After Eyebrow Tattoo Session

• Brows will appear darker and thicker due to the freshness of an open wound. • Redness, swelling, and stinging is normal and should subside by the following day completely. If the area feels unbearable for certain individuals who have low pain tolerance, please use a clean ice pack for comfort. • For the first couple of days, brows will appear dark and very defined before the scabbing phase. The thickness will subside gradually as the days go by. • Once the brow area starts to peel, it will appear flaky and unappealing. The area may feel a bit dry. Please follow the aftercare instructions below on how to take care of the procedure site. • Once all scabs have fully fallen off completely and naturally, healed results should appear 10-30% lighter in color and 5% smaller in size from the initial.

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